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We manage the first
funicular in Malaysia

Penang Hill is the oldest colonial hill station established by the British during their time in Malaysia. Explored during the late 18th century, a horse trail was cut from the Waterfall Gardens (present-day Penang Botanic Gardens) to the summit of the hilly spine of Penang, allowing the British to escape from the chaos in George Town to a cooler climate on the hill.
The Penang Hill Corporation was formed to manage this marvelous hill. We are a corporation that was formed by multiple background & expertise personnel. Our main objective is to develop and maintain the hill as a tourism site and aiming to become a world-class tourism hot spot.
  • Sky Walk

  • Viewing Deck

  • Penang Hill Heritatge Walk

  • Penang Hill Heritatge Walk


Create with the heart;
Build with the mind

Over the years, Penang Hill has completed a series of improvement activities. These activities resulted in transforming Penang Hill into one of today's hot spots in northern Malaysia.


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